Welcome to the GRAB community! We're dedicated to fostering a space where creativity and collaboration thrive within a framework of respect and inclusivity. These guidelines are your roadmap to contributing positively to our community.

These guidelines are by no means complete and just because something is not on the following lists, does not necessarily mean that we won't take any action. Please use common sense and if you are uncertain if something is acceptable, just refrain from doing it.

Please also remember that you're bound by our End User License Agreement (EULA), which you should review, particularly section 4 outlining specific user obligations.

General Conduct

  • Be Amicable: Approach interactions with friendliness and a positive spirit.
  • Language and Behavior: Shun insults, bigotry, incitement to self-harm, and all forms of hateful or illegal communication and actions.
  • Control Noise: Keep disruptive noises at bay, adhering to requests for quiet when asked.
  • Respect Conversations: Value and respect others' dialogues, ensuring a harmonious environment.
  • Personal Space: Honor personal boundaries; avoid unwanted physical interactions.
  • Appropriate Gestures: Steer clear of offensive or sexual gestures.
  • Identity Integrity: Be genuine and authentic in your interactions; don’t impersonate others or misrepresent ownership of content.

Building in the Editor

  • Appropriate Content: Abstain from incorporating offensive or explicit imagery, including genitalia or gore.
  • In-Level Language: Maintain a respectful and friendly tone in all communications within the game.
  • Respect Originality and Copyright: Cherish creativity and originality. Refrain from copying others' work or using copyrighted materials without permission.
  • Prohibited Requests: Do not use your creations as a medium for soliciting games, money, or anything else.
  • Descriptive Content: Ensure that all naming and descriptions are clear, appropriate, and original.
  • Quality Standards: Aim for meaningful and thoughtful contributions, avoiding low-effort content.
  • Editor Etiquette: Treat fellow creators' works with respect. Offer constructive input, avoiding unauthorized alterations or destruction of their creations.


Your participation in the GRAB community is highly valued. By adhering to these guidelines, you help cultivate a respectful, enjoyable, and vibrant community. If you encounter behavior or content that violates these guidelines, please use the in-game reporting tools to notify our moderation team. Non-compliance with these guidelines may lead to actions including warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans based on the severity and number of the violation.

Please stay informed about any changes to these guidelines to ensure your continuous compliance. This is a dynamic document, and it is your responsibility as a community member to stay updated and uphold the standards of the GRAB community.