GRAB is a VR multiplayer climbing game with a collaborative level editor.

Project Z

I turned ZMission into a full VR game which can be bought on multiple platforms.

Blobby Tennis

I turned VludumdaRe into a more complete, polished VR experience and released it for free for Oculus Rift and SteamVR.


Rayne is a game engine written from scratch in C++. We've been working on it as a side project every now and then for a couple of years now and are currently doing a major rewrite improving the multithreading architecture and building a more flexible render system supporting Metal, Vulkan and DirectX12.


Vero is a a new social network and my day job.

Games I worked on

There are a lot more prototypes and games, but these are all somewhat finished. Most of them were made in a very short time frame. Some are also on