Or that's what my blog probably looks like... Anyway, I thought it's time for a change and switched my blogging software away from Anchor to Ghost. I also switched from Apache to Nginx and and from my own ugly mailserver setup to a more automated one using mail in a box. Everything is still hosted on Linode as it has been for a while.

There was no real reason for this change and no major challenges in setting it up because Linode has a big library of good How To articles for almost everything. It took a bit longer than a day with most of the time spent on getting my old web projects Lilly rettet Weihnachten, Glow and some other thing I once did with some friends, which is all required some minor changes or mysql or php to work.

And just like the last time I updated my web setup, maybe I'll be writing more again. I've definitely been working on some things and it shouldn't be hard to find something worth writing about.